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The Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Maryland

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Maryland is an interesting little state. We have the highest number of millionaires per capita of any state, but you don’t see many people driving around in Ferraris or Lamborghinis. In fact, I think I’ve only seen one—ever. However, I have seen some pretty luxe homes. Here are the most expensive neighborhoods (and towns) in Maryland.

Chevy Chase. Luxury homes and top-notch schools make this neighborhood very appealing to many residents. Chevy Chase gets an A+ from commuters for its proximity to the District. Residents also find that they are never far from shopping or restaurants, but the community does lack in outdoor space and parks.

Median Home Value: $887,100

Travilah. This neighborhood provides a little more elbowroom for its residents and is excellent for families. The schools are terrific, but you won’t find that public transportation is as accessible.

Median Home Value: $1,055,400

Bethesda. You guessed it, the schools are great, but this neighborhood has a lot going for it beyond that. The shopping and restaurants are a big draw and Bethesda is an excellent location for commuters. Be advised that a common complaint is the amount of construction so you may not want to live in the downtown area.

Median Home Value: $858,800

Potomac. This neighborhood is generally first to come to mind when it comes to big houses. Nestled between Bethesda and Travilah, many residents here commute into the District. This neighborhood is quite a bit quieter than Bethesda, while still offering a reasonable commute.

Median Home Value: $889,100

Cabin John. Right on the Potomac between Bethesda and the neighborhood of Potomac, Cabin John is an excellent neighborhood for those needing to commute to D.C or Northern Virginia.

Median Home Value: $887,600

It’s pretty unsurprising that these neighborhoods are so close together. They all offer excellent schools and a convenient location for commuters. I’ve given you the median home values and they may not seem that impressive, but keep in mind that the median home value for the U.S. sits around $184,700. If you explore these neighborhoods you will find homes listed for seven and eight figures.

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