• Sarah Lipkowitz

Repurposing Old Outbuildings

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It can be a real shame to watch older outbuildings deteriorate or simply be torn down, but there are tons of ways to make use of outbuildings on your property. Here are a few ideas…

Sell Them. It is in fact possible to sell off entire outbuildings, but what do you with older outbuildings that are unsalvageable? Reclaimed barn wood is quite popular and can sell for a good price. If Craigslist isn’t your cup of tea, there are companies that will buy it from you for resale. If you are disappointed about being unable to refurbish the building, then you can feel good about upcycling.

Make A Garage. One of the simpler options on this list, many outbuildings are suitable for this purpose with relatively little work.

Create Storage Space. For many, the most obvious solution is to simply use the outbuildings as storage space. It is very easy to let storage sheds sit untouched and packed with tools you didn’t even know you owned. Keep it organized by adding shelving and vertical storage.

Increase Property Value With A Guesthouse. This is likely to be the most involved project on this list, but you can increase your property value by adding a guesthouse. Countless buyers are looking for a property with a separate in-law suite. A guesthouse can also produce good rental income.

Add An Office Or A Studio. Even with a designated space, many people find it easy to get distracted when working from a home. Converting a shed to an office or studio space might be the answer for you. Be aware that you will need to consider lighting, insulation, heating, and electricity.

Design A Playhouse. A playhouse will require attention to safety, but there is no need to make major renovations to include things such as insulation or electricity. Creating a playhouse can be a fun project for the family and a simple way to make use of an unused outbuilding.

Construct A Chicken Coop. Homesteaders rejoice! Plenty of outbuildings are suitable for chickens. An old shed or corncrib can easily be converted to house chickens. You can find plenty of articles on how to DIY this project.

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