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Moving To The DMV: Resources

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Moving to the DMV? No, not the Department of Motor Vehicles. I would really feel for you if you had to wake up every morning in that insidious place. The DMV stands for the District, Maryland, and Virginia and it includes all of the D.C. Metropolitan Area. If you are thinking about making it your home, then you may be in need of some resources to help you find your bearings.

The D.C. Metropolitan Area is an amazingly diverse region. There are plenty of sports teams to cheer on and every major musical tour comes through our city. Not to mention the museums are free, taking a trip to the beach is easy, the food is wonderful, and you have plenty of neighborhoods to choose from when deciding where to live. Whether prefer city living, life in the suburbs, or raising chickens on a homestead, you have plenty of viable options. I’ve put together a list of some practical resources to help you optimize your home search.


For those of you with children, schools are a major concern. The DMV is home to some of the best schools in the nation. To see how other parents would rate each school check out this great resource.


It would be shameful to live in or near D.C. and have no idea who represents you. Many of us actively avoid politics, but in case you are one of those responsible adults that everyone is always talking about or you’d just like to have someone to complain to, this website is for you. You’re welcome.


There are plenty of walkable neighbors in and around D.C. If you plan on ditching your car, then check out each neighborhood’s walk score.

Maryland Mortgage Program

If plan to move to Maryland and you have student loans or you are a first time homebuyer in Maryland, then check out this program. There are often initiatives in place to help people buy homes even when they think they can’t.

The Washingtonian

They rate everything. Seriously. If you need a doctor, a dentist, a weekend getaway, a place to shop, or a new restaurant to try, the Washingtonian is a great resource. They even have a “Cutest Dog Contest”. Take a look and find out what’s going on around your new city!

Top Workplaces

In the spirit of ratings, The Washington Post awards 150 companies with a Top Workplace distinction each year. Employees all around the DMV get a chance to share their honest opinions. See what your neighbors love about their workplace.

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