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Moving To Montgomery County, MD

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

If you are moving to Montgomery County, Maryland, you might have noticed that the county is not only enormous, but incredibly diverse. City, suburb, and country living are all viable options. As such, it can be a bit difficult to offer advice to those moving to Montgomery County because so much depends on where you will be living and working.

Commuting. Montgomery County is adjacent to D.C. so it is no surprise that commuting can be a bit arduous. Many residents commute into the District for work and certain commutes are trickier than others. As a rule, a northbound commute in the morning and a southbound commute in the evening are the easiest. Commuting towards D.C. is not fun and commuting east-west becomes more difficult the closer to the District you are. The Intercounty Connector (ICC) or MD-200 was completed in 2011 and connects the I-270 and I-95 corridors making the east-west commute much less time consuming for many residents. However, the ICC is a toll road and you will need an EZ Pass.

Public transportation is accessible in much of Montgomery County. Many residents commute by bus and train. The Red Line provides access to the District while the MARC train is an excellent choice for those commuting to D.C., Baltimore, Frederick, and even West Virginia. The Purple Line is currently under construction and it will connect Bethesda with New Carrollton Station which will significantly improve the commute for many Montgomery County residents. It will be in service in 2022.

Where To Live. I’ve written about a few neighborhoods and towns like Germantown, Silver Spring, and Brookeville. All three are very different. I’ve also written about some of the most affordable neighborhoods in Montgomery County, but where you live really depends on your needs. Your budget and your commute will play a huge role in determining where you put down roots. Keep in mind that Montgomery County is also home to some of the most expensive neighborhoods in the state.

Montgomery County is largely suburb, but if you prefer a more rural area, consider Damascus or the Ag Reserve in the northern part of the County. If you need to commute to the District, consider places like Bethesda, Silver Spring (check out my article on the best Silver Spring neighborhoods), or Rockville where you’d have access to the Red Line.

Schools. Good news for those of you with children! While Montgomery County is home to a number of private schools, Montgomery County Public Schools are among the best in the state and Maryland ranks among the top 15 states for education. If you are looking for higher education, Montgomery College offers plenty of credit and noncredit courses. Many residents also attend courses for workplace development in a number of fields.

Resources. Below are a few resources to help you get better acquainted with Montgomery County!

https://www.niche.com/ - Reviews of schools and neighborhoods



http://mmp.maryland.gov/ - The Maryland Mortgage Program


https://www.eventbrite.com - Find events by city/town

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