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Moving To Germantown, MD

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Like many towns along the I-270 corridor, Germantown, Maryland has experienced immense growth recently. New shops, restaurants, communities have popped up rapidly in Germantown over the last five years. There’s even a Wegman’s! If you don’t know what Wegman’s is, I encourage you to stop by. It’s delightful! If you are relocating to Germantown, Maryland you might have some questions about the community. Here’s what you need to know about moving to Germantown, Maryland.

Dining. I love food, so we’ll start here. There are tons of restaurants to choose from in Germantown, but let’s cover the basics. The Royal Bagel Bakery is a magical little bakery and a Germantown landmark. They serve delicious bagels, donuts, and sandwiches and I dare you to go in there without leaving with an apple fritter or one of their dozens of other mouthwatering pastries. Yuraku has been in Germantown for 20 years. Their lunch buffet features sushi and hot food and is an insanely good deal at $16.00 or less. Seriously, many residents have lunch here once a week. If you need a margarita the size of your head, then head over to Señor Tequila’s for happy hour.

Commuting. Many Germantown residents commute south towards the District, and this commute is notoriously arduous. The northernmost stop on the red line of the Metrorail is Shady Grove. It may not make sense for everyone, but if you are commuting into the District, you might consider taking advantage of public transportation. If you work in Baltimore, I wouldn’t recommend living in Germantown, as this will be a long drive even without traffic. Just north of Germantown is Frederick, Maryland which is also experiencing a lot of growth. Commuting north should be a breeze. You should also keep in mind that after years of debate, a highway (the Intercounty Connector or ICC) was built to connect the I-95 and 270 corridors. It begins in Laurel, MD and ends in Gaithersburg, MD and if you need to commute across the county, it will save you some serious time. You can cross the county in 20 minutes (even during rush hour) if you can stomach the toll that will cost you upwards of $7.00 round trip.

Shopping. Like I said, there’s a Wegman’s. Ok…I’ll elaborate. Wegman’s is a supermarket that has an awesome pre-prepared food section. It is a wonderful mix of gourmet and standard grocery store and I haven’t met a resident who didn’t feel was a great addition to the community. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can visit the Lancaster County Dutch Market and if you have never been to an Amish market, you should really stop by. The food is incredible and you can buy anything from produce to furniture. Amish markets are a treat and you will begin to find that you are sad when you can’t go on a Monday. In terms of non-food related shopping, you can find just about any big retailer in Germantown which is wonderfully convenient. However, Germantown is perhaps not the best place to find boutiques and other smaller shops.

Schools. Montgomery County is home to some of the best schools in the country. Regardless of whether you prefer to send your kids to private, magnet, or public schools, you will have plenty of options. Montgomery County has two school consortiums. The Downcounty Consortium consists of five high schools and the Northeast Consortium consists of three high schools. Each school has a specialty program. This gives students an opportunity to choose a school that will provide the best courses in their preferred area of study. That being said, some of the best schools in the state are not included in the consortiums so students need not feel pressured to choose a specific program if they are undecided. Click here to learn more about Montgomery County Public Schools.

It is worth mentioning that Montgomery County Community College has a campus in Germantown. This is particularly appealing because new legislation will make community college free for many Maryland residents starting in 2019. Find out if you qualify.

Entertainment and Recreation. Germantown is not known for having a robust nightlife, but after rush hour it shouldn’t take you very long to get to places that are livelier and perhaps better suited for young adults. That being said, there are still plenty of things to do in Germantown. Butler’s Orchard is fun to visit year-round. Pick your own produce or attend one of their festivals. Regardless of the time of year, this is definitely a family friendly outing that is fun for adults too. Butler’s also has a shop where you can stop by to pick up produce, décor, soaps, or one of their delicious and renowned pies.

Equestrians won’t be disappointed with Germantown. There are a number of riding schools and smaller barns in Germantown itself and the areas surrounding Germantown are also home to many stables. Germantown is the perfect place for those who love outdoor activities, but don’t want to be too far from the city. The Great Seneca Stream Valley Park offers a number of trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Visitors can even go boating! It is a beautiful park and the trails are relatively flat so anyone can enjoy this park. If you are in search of music, dance, or arts, the BlackRock Center for the Arts hosts many performances and classes for both children and adults.

On the whole, Germantown is a wonderful place to live. It is growing every day because the location is so convenient and the ease with which one can go from city to country appeals to many residents. If you are relocating to Germantown, Maryland, be sure to check out my article on tips for relocating to Maryland. If you are from out of state, you may also want to take a peek at my article on moving to Maryland to get an even better feel for the state as a whole. Good luck!

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