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Moving To Bethesda, MD

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Bethesda, Maryland has a lot to offer. Dining, shopping, public transportation, and plenty of employment opportunities make this suburb incredibly appealing. If you are relocating to Bethesda, you won’t find you are wanting for things to do and new restaurants to try. I’ve written about Bethesda in another article on the most expensive neighborhoods in Maryland, though you will find there are many young professionals living in this suburb. Here is what you need to know about moving to Bethesda, Maryland.

Dining. It’s tough to know where to begin because there are so many options. Bethesda is home to tons of excellent restaurants and while some of them are quite pricey, staples like M & N’s Pizza (arguably one of the best pizza joints in the state) are more affordable. Jaleo, a tapas restaurant, is one of the most popular restaurants in Bethesda. Woodmont Grill, serving the neighborhood since 1992, and PassionFish are also worth a mention. Bethesda Bagels is another neighborhood favorite serving—you guessed it—bagels and sandwiches, but you can also get a New York slice and a number of delicious pastries.

Commute. Bethesda is an excellent location for those commuting into D.C. given its proximity to the District and easy access to public transportation. If you are lucky enough commute north, you shouldn’t have any issues traveling by car or train. The Purple Line is under construction and this will make commuting east to west between the Maryland suburbs much easier. The Line will connect Bethesda, Silver Spring, College Park, and New Carrollton. If you like to walk or bike to work, there are plenty of residents who do so in Bethesda.

Shopping. Residents in Bethesda have access to a plethora of amenities. Choose from a number of grocery stores including Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, Balducci’s, and Trader Joe’s. Bethesda also has its own farmer’s market. Bethesda Row is a popular destination offering shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Residents have access to everything they could possibly need in this suburb.

Entertainment. Being so close to D.C. ensures that Bethesda residents are never far from events and entertainment. The neighboring North Bethesda is home to Strathmore which hosts touring acts, but also provides a space for the community to enjoy visual and preforming arts. Strathmore also offers classes for both children and adults.

Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District and the Bethesda Urban Partnership manage a number of galleries, events, community projects, and venues. Taste of Bethesda is a popular event in the fall featuring food and music. Throughout the year there are events celebrating music, film, and literature. Bethesda is also known to come together as a community for projects such as the “Paint the Town” Mural Project and the “Tunnel Vision” project which features the artwork of local artists in the Metro Tunnel.

Schools. There are a number of private schools to choose from in Bethesda. Among them are Holton-Arms and Landon School which both rank in the top private schools in the state. However, residents of Bethesda need not feel pressured to send their children to private school because Montgomery County is home to some of the best schools in the country. Bethesda itself boasts some of the top ranked public schools within the county. Regardless of whether you prefer to send your kids to private, magnet, or public schools, you will have plenty of options. Montgomery County has two school consortiums. The Downcounty Consortium consists of five high schools and the Northeast Consortium consists of three high schools. Each school has a specialty program. This gives students an opportunity to choose a school that will provide the best courses in their preferred area of study. That being said, some of the best schools in the state are not included in the consortiums so students need not feel pressured to choose a specific program if they are undecided. Click here to learn more about Montgomery County Public Schools.

Recreation. Bethesda is the most walkable suburb of D.C. and it certainly boasts recreational activities to match. With an abundance of gyms and community centers residents shouldn’t struggle to find a way to stay active. Cabin John Regional Park is a popular destination which features trails, an ice rink, a mini train, and much more.

There are also a number of nearby trails. The 4-mile Bethesda Trolley Trail links Bethesda and North Bethesda and is convenient for employees of NIH who prefer to walk or bike to work. The Capital Crescent Trail is 11 miles long and runs along the Potomac from Georgetown, through Bethesda and Chevy Chase, and ends in Silver Spring. Plenty of commuters use this trail as well and residents love the scenic views and historic sites this trail has to offer.

All in all, Bethesda is a lively, diverse, and friendly community. Residents love the ever changing restaurant scene and the abundance of community events. If you are relocating from another state, be sure to check out my articles, Maryland Relocation Tips and Moving To Maryland!

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