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Moving During The Holidays

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

How do you move into a new home during the holiday season without losing your mind? I know a couple that moved into their home on the 22nd of December and then proceeded to host their entire family for a week without the whole thing ending in divorce. It can be done. If you are planning on moving during the holiday season, here are some tips to help you preserve your sanity and, quite possibly, your marriage.

Choose a good moving company. I can’t stress this one enough. I was helping a friend move not long ago and the mover she chose ended up backing out at the last second and I mean the very last second. As in, the mover should have been calling to say that he would be arriving at the new home (in a different state) in the next 10 minutes. It was awful, but thank goodness for friends, family, and my mother’s love for road tripping in what she has affectionately dubbed her “box palace” (a rented box truck). Moving is stressful no matter the time of year, but choosing a good moving company can really ease the burden.

Finish holiday shopping early. I only know of one person who starts their holiday shopping a year in advance and it is unclear if she is actually that organized or if she has a spending problem and uses the holidays to justify it. For most people, holiday shopping is an arduous task. You are never exactly sure how your kindergarten teacher’s sister’s nephew managed to end up on your list, but you are going to make sure he feels loved this holiday season. If you are planning on moving in the final months of the year, do yourself a favor and get your shopping done before you move. No one will know that their gift was housed in the trunk of your car for a few months…unless you give them toffee. Don’t do that unless the real gift is covering the cost of veneers.

Don’t feel obligated to host. Easier said than done. There can be immense pressure from friends and family who would enjoy nothing more than to snoop around your new home. Meanwhile, you have no chairs, you are still trying to unpack, and you have absolutely no idea which box the scissors are in. Try saying “no” and if you can’t…

…Catering is your best friend. You don’t want to find yourself frantically calling your home warranty company about a broken oven when you are trying to feed twenty people. Check out Thumbtack.com to find caterers and more in your area. Go ahead and lie to Grandma. She doesn’t need to know that you didn’t cook the meal yourself.

Make it a game. A themed potluck or a white elephant gift exchange will make your holiday gathering fun, memorable, and inexpensive. Your guests won’t even realize that they did all the work. Let’s be honest, this game looks like a blast…

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