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Living In Maryland

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I’ve written in the past about moving to Maryland and I’ve also touched on the pros and cons of living in Maryland. As I’ve said before, I am from Maryland and, though I’ve lived elsewhere, I know I write this with a hefty dose of bias. Since I’ve written about the drawbacks already, I figured I’d devote this piece to all the things Marylanders love about the state.

The state sport of Maryland.

The DMV. The combination of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia—referred to lovingly as the DMV by residents—is often considered its own region complete with its own culture. Marylanders in PG and Montgomery Counties are strongly tied to residents in D.C. and Northern Virginia as we often venture across state lines for work and entertainment.

Choices, Choices…Maryland offers residents so many choices. Mountain, coastal, rural, suburban, and city living are all viable options. Which explains why Maryland has been dubbed “America In Miniature.” Many Marylanders work in the District and Baltimore, but it is also important to note the close proximity to other big cities up and down the east coast. Train stations and access to multiple airports make Maryland a super accessible state.

The Eats. There are so many excellent restaurants in Maryland and it’s no wonder, given the level of diversity the state has to offer. Maryland also boasts its own regional cuisine that residents and visitors can’t seem to get enough of. Blue crab and Old Bay are often top of mind, but rockfish, oysters, Berger Cookies, pit beef, and Smith Island Cake (the list goes on) are also favorites.

Breweries and Vineyards. Whether you prefer beer or wine, you’ll have plenty of options. Maryland hasn’t remained untouched by the microbrew and craft beer craze. Even Guinness has opened a brewery in the Old Line State. New wineries and breweries are cropping up all the time.

Farming. As an equestrian and an agent specializing in equestrian properties, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the abundance of farms, horse country, and equine events in Maryland. Maryland is home to large equestrian and farming communities. I recently wrote an article about buying property on the Ag Reserve, which is located in Montgomery County and is the largest area of preserved farmland in the country.

The Flag. We love our flag. To be fair, it is a pretty cool flag. It contains the red and white crest of the Crossland family and the yellow and black crest of the Calvert family. Like Old Bay, we put it on everything.

Sports Fans Rejoice. I am writing this the day after the Nats won the World Series so of course I needed to include sports. While the Nats, Capitals, Wizards, and Redskins are based in D.C., it is important to note that Maryland is divided between rooting for the teams in Baltimore and rooting for the teams in the District. Marylanders have plenty of teams to choose from! Also, jousting is our state sport—just sayin’.

I’ve talked about employment, health care, education, income, and history in other articles and videos, so I’ll leave off here (even though it is really difficult because I could go on and on). For those of you that are feeling tentative about moving to Maryland, know that there is truly something for everyone here. I firmly believe that if you find the right people you can make a home anywhere and Maryland, with all it has to offer, can help you on your way to creating that home.

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