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Last Minute Winter Décor

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I grew up in an interfaith family. Decorating the Christmas tree was a big deal and being the one to top it with the DIY Star of David that my sister made in elementary school was a privilege. Nevertheless, we always put it off until the last minute and the decorations routinely stayed up for months (and sometimes quite a bit longer). No complaints here. The holiday décor added a bit of warmth to our home in the cold winter months. Ultimately, you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to feel that your home would benefit from a little bit of sparkle this time of year and if you are not the type to break out the tinsel immediately after forks down on Thanksgiving, then here are some simple ideas for last minute winter décor.

Pine. First of all, it smells delightful. Second of all, it doesn’t take master crafting skills to make pine look nice. Lay garland across the mantle or toss up a few wreaths. Heck, throw it in a vase or a planter with some lights and you’re practically Martha Stewart. Now, I will warn you that a poorly placed candle almost caused the whole house to go up in flames at a recent holiday party. Smokey Bear here to tell you that this stuff is FLAMABLE, people. Moral of the story: beware of certain Pinterest ventures. Pinecones, however, make wonderful craft projects for children and adults alike. Grab some glitter (and maybe a drop cloth) and let loose.

Winter flowers. Three words: indoor plant sales! Nurseries need to make room for all of those poinsettias so they often have sales on indoor plants this time of year. White orchids and lilies can really complement a crisp winter theme.

Lights. This is where you can really go nuts. Lights are not just for outdoors and Christmas trees. A string of lights can go along the banister, in a centerpiece, on the mantle, in some mason jars, in a vase with pinecones, or over a doorway. The possibilities are endless and this is why lights are my favorite part of winter decorating. They really add some warmth to the décor when the weather outside is frightful…ok, I genuinely couldn’t think of a better word.

Holly berries. Bring a bit of color into the fold and deck the halls. Ok, that was on purpose. Truthfully, you’re lucky I didn’t make a Halle Berry reference… welp, there it was. Wreaths, centerpieces, and pine bouquets all benefit from a bit of holly. Honestly, you can probably follow the same rules as with pine—a little here and there goes a long way. Shelterness is a wonderful DIY blog that highlights some of the many ways you can decorate with this plant. Pro Tip: wear gloves.

Spray paint. Think white, gold, and silver. Pinecones, acorns, and leaves can be spray painted to become beautiful accents and all you really need to do is lay them out on the table around a centerpiece, put them in a bowl on the counter, or fill a few baskets and place them around the house. Feel your wreaths look a bit dull? Spray painting is a quick and easy project when you just want to add that extra bit of oomph.

Hot chocolate bar. Another Pinterest special that is wonderful for parties or just because. Set out a few mugs and fill some mason jars with your favorite hot chocolate trappings. Add some cute labels, like a ribbon with a gift tag, and you’re in business. A tiered tray or a small rectangular planter can be spruced up to ad an extra bit of pizzazz to your display. Looking for some more inspiration? I really liked some of these at Cozy Little House.

Happy Procrastinating!

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