• Sarah Lipkowitz

Indestructible Plants For People Who Are Bad At Gardening

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to keep my plants alive. I probably don’t pay them enough attention because I am too busy with my four-legged wards. If you are like me and you want to boost your home’s curb appeal with minimal effort, here are some plants for you.

Black-Eyed Susan. As a Marylander, I have to include these. Wildflowers are always a good bet for those who need tough plants that will come back year after year.

Stewartstonian Azaleas. Bright red and extremely attractive, this plant looks good even after it blooms. Pick the right spot and these plants can survive in most of the United States. Zones 4-9 to be exact. Here is a link to the USDA Hardiness Zone Map.

Peony. One of my favorites, I once read that these plants thrive on benign neglect. Need I say more?

Apple Trees. If you like blossoming trees and are interested in a fruit tree, then apple trees are a good choice for novice gardeners. They are super hardy and their gnarly branches make for an interesting aesthetic. Apple trees do best in open, sunny spaces.

River Birch. I grew up in a house that had a River Birch just outside the front door. They are unique and their light, peeling bark is visually appealing even in the winter months. Just don’t plant it too close to the house. When we moved in, the tree was small. Fifteen years later, it was the biggest River Birch we had ever seen and could no longer be so close to the house. Find a nice sunny spot for this conversation piece.

If ever you are unsure (let’s face it, you are), go to your local nursery and ask what plants might work best for you. Be sure to do your research before planting. Certain species, like the ever-popular Butterfly Bush, are invasive and the National Fish and Wildlife Service warns against planting them. You should be able to find good, if not better, alternatives.

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