• Sarah Lipkowitz

Creating A Pet-Friendly Home

I have horses and dogs and, as a real estate agent, I work with both farm and home clients. I understand how incredibly difficult it can be to keep your home looking its best when you have pets. My clients have pets ranging from the typical household pets like cats and dogs to farm animals like horses, goats, and chickens to smaller creatures like snakes and hamsters. It can be a challenge to strike the balance between pet-friendly and trendy when it comes to décor. Here are a few ideas:

Laminate Flooring. Say what you want about vinyl flooring, but it is incredibly popular nowadays and for good reason. Luxury vinyl comes in many finishes and can be made to look like hardwood or tile. It is relatively inexpensive, super durable, and easy to clean. Besides, if you are finishing a space like a basement where you are laying flooring over concrete the unevenness can cause tile flooring to crack making vinyl the better choice.

Concrete Flooring. Poured concrete flooring is incredibly on trend. Concrete is even more durable than vinyl and certainly quite easy to clean. Cost will depend on the finish, but over time concrete can also save you money since it doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other types of flooring.

Mud Room. A climate-controlled space for muddy boots and muddy pups? Yes, please! A mudroom is a lifesaver for many of my equestrian clients. Even if you just need a space to clean up your dogs after a muddy hike, a mudroom is a great way to contain the mess.

Built-In Crates. Consider turning a large dresser or storage space under the stairs into a doghouse of sorts. Aesthetically, it beats having a crate sitting out in the middle of your living room. If your dog scratches or eats dry wall, then you may have to find a way to reinforce the area, but, with a little creative thinking, this could still be a viable option. If you are concerned about selling after converting a space to a dog zone, it would be best to pick a space that a buyer could easily convert back to storage. This is why under the stairs is ideal. It is a space that wouldn’t be used for much else anyway.

Paint. Choosing the right paint is critical. Certain finishes might show dirt and collect fur. Even if you don’t own a dog that flings drool, your walls will inevitably show wear and tear when you have pets. Note that even smaller creatures like birds can affect the walls quite a bit. A semi-gloss or satin finish is typically much easier to clean than flat paint, but there are companies that make stain resistant and cleanable paint in all finishes.

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