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Best Neighborhoods In Silver Spring, MD

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Silver Spring is massive. A Google Maps search will tell you that it is comprised of the area just North of D.C. and runs west to Forest Glen, east to New Hampshire Avenue just short of P.G. County, and only a little north of the Beltway. The reality is that there are Silver Spring zip codes as far north as MD-200. Here are some of the most popular neighborhoods in the vast community of Silver Spring.

Wheaton. I grew up visiting Wheaton Regional Park. Stables, playgrounds, a carousel, and the Brookside Gardens Conservatory made this a great place to spend a summer day. Not to mention, the butterfly exhibit! Walk through the South Conservatory amongst hundreds of butterflies. Wheaton isn’t just about the park though. Wheaton Station is right on the Red Line and makes the neighborhood commuter friendly. It also happens to have the longest set of single-span escalators in the Western Hemisphere. Wheaton Mall and tons of restaurants only make this community more desirable.

Median Home Value: 348k

Colesville. One of the northernmost neighborhoods with a Silver Spring zip code, Colesville is home to many restaurants and shops. I grew up in the neighboring Fairland community and I still visit many of the businesses along New Hampshire Avenue in Colesville. Noodle King and The Bagelry are among my favorites. Like much of Silver Spring, Metro access is easy to come by and many commuters live in this area.

Median Home Value: 440k

Woodside Park. Just north of Downtown and inside the Beltway, this neighborhood is quite popular. Residents report a genuine sense of community and, in terms of restaurants, Woodside Deli and La Casa del Mofongo are the neighborhood favorites. Fair warning, this neighborhood is likely the most expensive on the list and there is not too much turnover. As I write this, there are just three homes on the market.

Median Home Value: 875k

Forest Glen. This neighborhood is nothing if not convenient. Forest Glen has a Metro station and is located just off the Beltway so it is no surprise that commuters are fond of this neighborhood. Residents also have access to a number of nearby parks—most notably—Evans Parkway and Capitol View-Homewood parks. Not to mention, Holy Cross Hospital is right next door. Forest Glen itself isn’t host to numerous restaurants and shops, but the takeaway is that this neighborhood—at the intersection of Georgia Avenue and the Beltway—is close to everything.

Median Home Value: 425k

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