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Affordable Neighborhoods In Montgomery County, MD

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It’s no secret that Maryland can be a pricey place to live and the closer you are to D.C., the harder it is to find affordable housing. Montgomery County, Maryland is enormous and it also boasts some of the best schools in the state and the nation.

So, what neighborhoods are both safe and affordable in Montgomery County?

East County

I grew up in this area. In fact, I moved back a few years ago and I still live here. These are a few of the most affordable neighborhoods in eastern Montgomery County.

Burtonsville. This little community is making a comeback. One of the old plazas is going to be converted into a town center and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. The location is excellent as it is just a 20-minute commute from both Baltimore and D.C.. Keep in mind that commuting to D.C. is a much more arduous task than commuting to Baltimore. Diverse and family oriented, Burtonsville is a fantastic community.

Median Home Value: $366,800

Median Rent: $1,892

Median Income: $104,828

Colesville. Colesville is a quiet community, but you will certainly see many people out walking in this neighborhood. There are many older residents and original owners living here, but there are also plenty of younger families. There is no shortage of parks or family owned restaurants and residents are very happy with the schools.

Median Home Value: $437,300

Median Rent: $1,242

Median Income: $111, 368

Hillandale. This is a quiet neighborhood with plenty of local businesses. Perhaps not the ideal neighborhood for young adults, but with the FDA nearby, there are plenty of jobs and the location is ideal for commuting to areas with a more robust nightlife.

Median Home Value: $375,300

Median Rent: $1,219

Median Income: $101,270

West County.

I feel it is important to distinguish East County from West County because Montgomery County is so large. The ICC has made commuting across Montgomery County much faster, but the toll road is one of the more expensive thoroughfares around. Expect to pay close to $8 roundtrip during peak hours. Here are a few of the most affordable neighborhoods in western Montgomery County.

Poolesville. This community is popular among equestrians. For those that prefer a more rural community, but still need to commute, Poolesville is an excellent option. And you will need to commute, as there aren’t many jobs in Poolesville itself. Poolesville High School is one of the top schools in the state and residents report being very happy with the sense of community despite the rural feel of this town.

Median Home Value: $391,600

Median Rent: $2,085

Median Income: $150,000

Damascus. Another town with a rural feel, Damascus is popular among commuters who prefer to have some space. Friday nights are about high school football in this town. One of the only drawbacks is that you will also have to commute to find something to do after 9 pm.

Median Home Value: $383,200

Median Rent: $1,615

Median Income: $116,890

Clarksburg. This town has the highest median home value on our list, but is also one of the hottest markets Montgomery County right now. Many of the neighborhoods along the I-270 corridor are booming and Clarksburg is no exception. This community is family oriented, but with the addition of an outlet mall and its proximity to the tech corridor, Clarksburg is unlikely to stay on this list for long.

Median Home Value: $446,600

Median Rent: $2,268

Median Income: $135,274

I know that these neighborhoods sit well above the national average in both median home value and median rent, but the median household income is also double the national average in every case. These communities offer convenient commutes, shopping, and excellent schools. Not to mention, they are quite safe. As I said before, Montgomery County, Maryland is enormous. There are so many neighborhoods to choose from and its diversity is quite difficult to encapsulate in one article. Nevertheless, I hope you find this list helpful!

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